Discover new opportunities with JobZOOM! Operating out of the San Francisco Bay Area for the last 11 years, jobZOOM was created to add value in the employment market for both job seekers and job creators. Starting with a great browsing experience for job seekers, filtering, saving, and pinpointing opportunities is improved by design. The newest jobs from freshest sources covering all sectors of the employment market, ensures accuracy and urgency. By creating a portal where employer to candidate connections thrive, we hope jobZOOM makes creating and capturing opportunities possible for more talented individuals on both sides of the employment market.

Job Searching 2.0 - Wouldn't it be great if let's say, you applied for a job and knew where you stand? Knew if your application/resume was viewed? If employers were interested in giving you an answer yes/maybe/no? We built a portal where employers are incentivized to engage with job seekers. This is currently in a beta mode so keep checking in with us as we roll out this powerful feature. As far as the jobZOOM experience, we start With a fully mobile responsive web platform so whether you're on your laptop or mobile device, jobZOOM will adapt accordingly. Job seekers can save searches and jobs via a dashboard which makes keeping track of your activity easier. We import jobs from general job boards, niche sites, company pages, applicant tracking systems, and offer direct posting capabilities for free. By working with various sources, we bring a wide range of opportunities to the forefront. With filtering abilities that go above and beyond job date and keyword, job seekers can narrow their search to pinpoint the opportunities that match their interests. Job seekers can narrow by category, source, application type, speed of turn around, and responsiveness (to be released soon).

Job Marketing - For employers, the jobZOOM dashboard gives you fast access to job posting, activity tracking, and campaign management. Starting with free posting, there are a lot of ways to generate bigger exposure for your job listings and target the right audience. We work closely with our content partners to ensure job openings match up with qualified candidates in a timely manner. From affilliations, knowledge bases, and all variety of job posting + marketing, we collaborate with some of the most valuable services found online.

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